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Payment Plan ($68 per Month)

$815.00 $1,485.00 saving $670.00
Payment Plan ($68 per Month)

Payment Plan ($68 per Month)

$815.00 $1,485.00 saving $670.00

Special Reduced Tuition Cost this Week!

Just $68 per Month with $0 Down! 

Please note: You will have the option to choose your placement plan on a screen after you enter your billing information.   

Payment Plan Instructions: 

1. Click on the "Buy It Now" button
2. Enter your billing info and click the "Continue to Payment Button"
3. Click "Complete order" button
4. Choose your payment plan and click "Place Order" button
5. Complete your registration. 
If the billing name or information is different then the student please send a follow-up email to us with the student's correct name and contact information.  

Our program is self-paced and you can being the program anytime after your checkout. Immediately after completing the online tuition payment your registration will be activated and will receive your password to log in an begin your program online anytime at your convenience. 

GROUP REGISTRATION:  If you are registering as a group of 2 or more students using the payment plan you can receive an additional discount.  CLICK HERE