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You have made a great choice with us!  We will provide you with the most exciting, absolute best and most affordable medical career education to become a Medical Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding Specialist  available anywhere and now completely online to save you and money!

Our team of healthcare educators has created this innovative opportunity for you, allowing you to study anywhere, at anytime and the program will work around your busy schedule.  From the simple online registration to the self-paced anytime classes and convenient online testing our program can be completely tailored around your living and work schedule... learning could not be easier or more fun!  

 "Everything was very well organized with the material presented in a easy to understand manner." - Susan, Florida State University 

"This was a big step in my career goals, everything was made very easy and clear in the program."  - Tammy, Dermatology Center, Cleveland 

"An excellent learning experience. I really appreciate this opportunity!" - Sandra, CA

“I feel more confident in my job as a medical assistant. This program was so nice and easy to work with. I really appreciated it." - Kelsie, Utah State University 

Meet Our Team!

Arun Kumar, MD
MD (Dagestan Medical Academy, Russia)
IELTS (Cambridge University, UK)

Maria Jean Lewis, LPN

Renato Sabbatinni, BSc, PhD
PhD (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

 Massimiliano Mortellaro, PT
PT (University of Tor Vergata, Rome)
Faculty, Medicine and Surgery
Rehab. Medicine (CTO Hospital)

Reja Patel, RN, GMN, BSc
Bapuji School of Nursing, India
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

John Weinsein, MD, PhD

K. Balaji, MLT
Medical Lab Technician (Tagore Institute of Medical Science)
EKG Certificate (Tagore Institute of Medical Science)

Dr. Honest Ngowi, PhD
PhD (The Open University)

Linda Wilsons, AA
Medical Assistant

Amit Kapur,
Webdesign and Maintenance

Sadiya Shahanara,
Internet & Technical Support Team

Anuj Rahman,
Internet & Technical Support Team

Dr. Pia Dahr, MD
Family and Internal Medicine

Denia Mette, MA
MA (University of Las Vagus)
CN (America Health Science University)

Cythia Jones, RN
Medical Informatics

Cecilia H Sanchez, MSN, NMCC, CHT
Nurse Practitioner/ Family Practice
MSN (Arellano University )

Makarand Upadhyaya, MBA, PhD
MBA , PhD (Vikram University, India)

K. M. Joshi, MS, PhD
MS (University of Baroda)
Ph.D. (Gujart University)

Sargam Thankur,
Internet & Technical Support Team

Todd Anderson, Student Services Manager 

Audrey Wessland, Student Services Representative 



Nationally Accredited & Certified Programs:

We provide a nationally accredited and certified medical assistant program. Our school and program are nationally accredited and certified by the National Accreditation and Certification Board (NACB). The purpose of school accreditation is to use standards of evaluation to ensure quality education, encourage institutions to improve quality of education, ensure the accountability of educational institutions and to provide public confidence in educational institutions. Accreditation status is provided by accrediting bodies, which are private, nongovernmental organizations that have been created specifically to review higher education institutions and programs. The accreditation process ensures the review of a school's faculty, recruiting practices, admissions procedures, course content, and more. Influenced and affected by the role of accreditors, schools are accountable for continually working to improve the quality and results of the education they provide. Employers often look for proof that their job applicants have received their education from an academic program with accreditation.  

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