SPECIAL NOTICE: Tuition Fee Reduced this Week... Only $645 for Individual and $485 for Groups! SPECIAL NOTICE: Tuition Fee Reduced this Week... Only $645 for Individual and $485 for Groups!
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Traditional Registration Form (Mail)


Direct Healthcare Educational Services, 848 N. Rainbow Blvd., Suite # 89107, Las Vegas, NV  89107  
School code: 00891716   Program code: 031990MA 

Student Information:

Student's Last Name:______________________________ First:______________________________ Middle Initial:____ 

Home Address:___________________________________ City:__________________

State:___________ Zip-code: __________

Email Address:_________________________________________

Alternative Email Address (Optional): _________________________________________

Home Phone:_________________________

Cell Phone: _________________________

Date of Birth:  _________________________

Educational History:

High School: __________________________________________________

Year of Graduation: ____

College: __________________________________________________ Year of Graduation:____

Other Education: 





Program Registration (Please check the program you are registering for):

____ Medical Assistant

____ Medical Billing & Coding

____ Nursing Assistant

____ Pharmacy Technician 

____ Other (Specify: _________________________)


Tuition Fees and Payment: Please visit website: MedAssistant.org for current tuition rates and fees.  

Please make checks payable to our tuition processing center:

Direct Healthcare Educational Services


Print and mail registration form with your tuition payment to:   

Direct Healthcare Educational Services

848 N. Rainbow Blvd.

Suite # 89107

Las Vegas, NV  89107   

* Please allow 2-4 weeks for mail registration to be processed. 

** Note: We now offer the convenience of Express Online Registration with the security of checking payments. Older traditional program registrations usually take weeks to process, but with our fast and convenient Express Online Registration you can be approved and complete your registration in just a few minutes!