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Welcome to our online classroom! Your registration is now active and you may begin the program anytime at your convenience. If you have any questions or problems while taking the program please do not hesitate to your student services department using any of the "Contact Us" forms or email us directly at: medassistantonline@gmail.com 

When you are ready to start return to our distance education website at: www.MedAssistant.org and click on any of the “Log In” links. You will then enter your password: 22373

If the student's name is different then the billing information used for your registration check or if you are registering as a group of multiple students please send correct student name(s) so we can update the registration using the "Contact Us" form below:





Program Registration

Special Reduced Tuition Fee this Week!

Please Click on the Appropriate Registration Button Below:

INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS (1 Student) just $815 

If you are registering are as an Individual (1 Student) in just one of our programs (Medical Assistant or Medical Billing & Coding) please click the "Individual Registration"  button below:  

GROUP RATE (2 or more students) only $645

 If you wish to register as a Group (2 or more students) or a single student in both programs (Medical Assistant and Medical Billing & Coding) please click the "Group Registration"  button below:

Payment plans now available.

Regular program cost is $1,425.00.    

Any Questions Please Contact Us