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Welcome to St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Thank you for your interest in our Medical Assistant program, we are a nationally accredited and certified educational service that provides its students with the best medical assistant education available anywhere. We are dedicated to providing affordable and accessible quality medical assistant education to students through the use of innovative technology, such as our online distance education programs. Our comprehensive web-based programs deliver unparalleled convenience and flexibility to thousands of students and our commitment to educational excellence and unsurpassed student service has made as one of the leading online Medical Assistant schools worldwide.

Medical Assistant FAQs

What makes St. Augustine Medical Assistant School better than other older traditional schools?
Our programs are designed by physicians, nurses, medical assistants and other health care professionals to assure a very high quality of education. Students are not just given academic basic sciences courses, but also we integrate "real life" practical information into our courses, so we believe our students are the best trained anywhere!

Is St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants an accredited program?
Accreditation status is provided by accrediting bodies, which are private, nongovernmental organizations that have been created specifically to review higher education institutions and programs. The accreditation process ensures the review of a school's faculty, recruiting practices, admissions procedures, course content, and more. Influenced and affected by the role of accreditors, schools are accountable for continually working to improve the quality and results of the education they provide. Employers often look for proof that their job applicants have received their education from an academic program with accreditation.

The purpose of school accreditation is to use standards of evaluation to ensure quality education, encourage institutions to improve quality of education, ensure the accountability of educational institutions and to provide public confidence in educational institutions.

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is nationally accredited by the "The National Accreditation and Certification Board" (NACB), a private third party health profession and business accreditation organization. This is a private accreditation, not affiliated with the US Department of Education or any governmental organization. We therefore recommend program participants check with their governmental associations, employers and any related professional organizations to assure our program will meet your needs prior to registering.

How long does it take to complete the Medical Assistant training program?
The advantage of distance education is that you can study at your own pace and complete our online program at your convenience. Most students are able to finish our online programs in approximately 6-8 weeks. However you may take as long as needed. There are no deadlines or time limits with our online medical assistant program.

When can I begin my Medical Assistant classes?
Since this is an on-going distance education program you can begin your studies immediately after you register. Once you enroll in our program, you will be issued a student ID # and password, so you can log into our online classrooms and begin your studies whenever you like. Our classes are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, for your convenience.

Will employers treat my certificate any different because I eared it online?
May current studies show distance education to be more effective then older traditional classroom methods.

Is it safe to pay my Medical Assistant tuition on-line?
Yes. We currently use a private secure and encrypted payment processing server.

How do I register using another persons credit card (such as a friend or relative)?
After you pay your tuition fee send us and email confirming your name, email and mailing address.

Does your school provide direct financial aid?
Currently financial aid is not available for our distance education programs. However our program tuition fees are very reasonable and affordable for most students. In addition we accept credit card financing and have convenient payment plans available for students.

How is clinical and lab information presented?
All basic clinical and lab materials are presented online using innovative distance education (virtual training) technology. This has proven to meet our students needs very well and numerous studies have shown this type of education to be very effective. Similar teaching techniques are currently being used in medical schools, nursing schools and other healthcare settings with much success. However if you require additional hands on type of training this can often be done at a local medical office or hospital near you.

Are tuition fees refundable?
No. Since this is a distance education program all tuition fees are final and are nonrefundable.

Does the online format provide the same quality of education offered by a traditional campus?
Yes. Numerous studies have proven that distance learners perform as well or better than their on-campus counterparts. The book "The No Significant Difference Phenomenon" by Thomas L. Russell cites 355 research reports, papers, and summaries dating back to 1928 that found no significant difference between distance learning and in-class learning. Where a difference was identified, it generally favored the distance learning student. Similarly, an extensive study conducted by University of Phoenix comparing its own campus-based students to distance learners came to the same conclusion. In addition, it identified the current online format as the most effective vehicle for distance education.

How does the online Medical Assistant program work?
All you need is a computer and an Internet service provider. You'll retrieve lectures, questions and assignments from your instructor then review them offline at the times and places most convenient to you. You'll also have access to online research libraries and services, as well as other successful professionals with whom you can share ideas, debate issues and learn from each others' experience.

What is the difference between a Medical Assistant and a Nursing Assistant?
Nursing Assistants usually perform the more menial casks patient care tasks, such as cleaning patients and changing beds. Medical Assistants however, work in doctor’s offices, hospitals and other healthcare institutions were they perform a variety of tasks, for details about what Medical Assistant or Nursing Assistant do please click on the appropriate link on our distance education website. In almost all cases Medical Assistants earn significantly more and have much better working conditions then Nursing Assistants.

How are basic Medical Assistant clinical tasks taught online?
Since this is a distance education program we use innovative internet based technology to teach the basic clinical skills used by healthcare providers, our program is designed by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to be very effective and one of the best programs available anywhere.

Will the military pay for my tuition fees?
We do not accept direct military payments, however you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through you military education department.

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